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Service Oriented Architecture

Enterprises should respond quickly to the changes in the business processes to meet the new business requirements. Investments on new applications to replace the applications , presently in use not only expensive but time consuming and delay to respond to new business requirements.

In the Service oriented architecture, the services are the building blocks . Services are not necessarily be web services ; but all services would be designed with characteristic features of – scope , dependencies, communications and configurable policies . This facilitates that on a system, several services are run independently and any service can exchange data with any other service in the network without need to make any programmatic changes to the services already in use. New services are written to run any platform or in any language to implement the changes irrespective of the underlying implementation (technologies) of the existing services.

Our team is well versed with writing services ensuring the SOA key characteristics – WSDL to describe the service, message communicating XSD ( XML Schema Defined), registry for directory listing (Universal Description, definition and integration) UDDI, and QoS ( quality of Service) associated with each service.